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Why publish an article on the Guide Tarn Aveyron ?

Publishing content outside of your own site has several advantages.

First of all, it is an excellent way of improving the natural referencing of your own site thanks to optimised links pointing to it and inserted in the article (backlinks). It will then be better positioned in the search engine results.

Moreover, by publishing these articles, you become visible on relevant subjects in search engines and attract new visitors likely to be interested in your products or services.

Finally, you present yourself in the best light and develop your company's image.


Why use an SEO writer?

Hiring an SEO web copywriter to write high quality copy will help you control your brand image. It is also the best way to create external links that will help your website get qualified traffic and rank higher in search engines.

An article published on the Internet should not be written like a newspaper article or a book. Our writers follow specific web writing rules. The creation of optimised content by an experienced web editor makes the texts as effective as possible in several respects: if content is king, the quality of the writing is a guarantee of conversion.

In addition to creating original and unique content, it allows you to benefit from the creativity of a human being, his writing talent and his ability to set a tone adapted to potential readers.


What are our commitments for optimal performance?

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To build your seo article, here are the basic rules we follow:

  • A unique, non-paraphrased article of at least 500 words, which can reach more than 1000 words
  • Impeccable spelling
  • Respect for your instructions
  • The strategic keywords will be determined according to the semantics linked to the theme of your activity.
  • The content will be structured using the appropriate HTML tags and we will put in bold some keywords but also some pieces of sentences that have a strong meaning.
  • To improve the SEO aspect and the user experience, your article will have to contain one or more images, which we will name judiciously and whose alternative text will be filled in.
  • At the heart of the content, we will insert one or two links pointing to your site (backlink) to improve its natural referencing.
  • Your article will remain visible for a minimum of 12 months*.


"Experiences to live" package to include:

  • 1 article of 600 to 1500 words, with 6 to 20 photos provided by the advertiser
  • Published in the "Experiences to live" section
  • Linked to the advertiser's profile
  • Highlighted in the home page for one week
  • Highlighted on social networks
  • + a one-year Performance subscription

799 €

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* The content remains the property of Negocom Atlantique. It may not be used on any medium other than the Guide Tarn Aveyron. After 12 months, unless renewed (at a rate of 199 €/year) Negocom Atlantique is entitled to delete or modify the article.